Absolutely! We sell sugar-free ice cream in vanilla and mocha flavours, as well as delicious soya ice cream. We prepare these in our ice cream makers fresh daily. Our sugar-free and soya ice creams are prepared prior to making our standard ice creams. This guarantees that they’re entirely sugar- or soya-free.

Incidentally, all our sorbets –  excluding the lemon flavour – are made from pure fruit pulp and sugar, and are a delicious lactose-free alternative. As our lactose-free ice creams and sorbets are prepared in the same ice cream makers as our standard ice cream, they may, however, contain traces of lactose.

Vegans are certainly at home at Fred’s. Our tempting assortment not only boasts a delicious soya-based ice cream; it also includes a range of refreshing sorbets made exclusively from fruit pulp and sugar. Only our lemon sorbet contains milk powder. And as our standard cones are made from coconut and contain zero butter, they’re also suitable for vegans. Unfortunately, we’re unable to make vegan waffles.

No, we’re committed to selling entirely natural products. In fact, we have a genuine aversion to air, water, artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives. Which is why we never add these to our products. Our waffles and ice cream are made exclusively from fresh, quality ingredients.

Interested in opening a Fred’s Belgian Waffles And Ice Cream in your country? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

That’s hard to say. Our dough is made by hand, so servings may vary. Fred’s waffles are 100% natural. Which means you get to indulge your guilty pleasure with a clear conscience.

That’s hard to say. Our generous servings vary from store to store. The ice cream of Australian Home Made Ice Cream is 100% natural and our sorbets contain the least calories:

  • Fred’s vanilla
    • energetic (kJ/kcal)  979/235 per 100 g
  • Fred’s raspberry sorbet
    • energetic (kJ/kcal)  544/129 per 100 g

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